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Creating Signature Styles That Support Your Personal Brand

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Appearance Affects Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a powerful tool you can use to distinguish yourself both professionally and socially. Your appearance is a big part of that. Communicate your strengths, your personality and your values, all of which have an impact on your career development. A consistent connection between your appearance and your personal and professional accomplishments adds credibility to your personal brand.

Create Your Signature Style

Imagine wearing an outfit that reflects your professional and social accomplishments, and is fitted perfectly to your shape. How do you feel? 

Now imagine having that feeling every single day of your life. Seven days a week, 365 days a year regardless of the weather, the occasion or your shape! That is what Esteem Image offers.

Letting someone into your closet is a daunting prospect. This apprehension is common, so don't let that stop you. I treat my clients with sensitivity, and I respect their needs. I would love to solve your closet woes and give you a professional and personal edge! Contact me today to learn more. 

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The Roots of your struggle

Undefined Lifestyle Needs


What do you do?  Where do you live? How do you like to vacation? After discovering your needs, I identify your wardrobe and appearance essentials.  Then I craft a visual image that reflects your personal brand, authentically and consistently. 

Undefined Signature Style


Who are you? What are your passions? What makes you unique? Your wardrobe choices speak for you, so don't leave your personal brand open to misunderstandings. Consider Jean Cocteau's advice: "Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."

Scrambled Wardrobe


Feel trapped by the options in your closet? Left feeling like you have nothing to wear and have overspent? Let's remove the clutter. Define your basics and discover your best shapes and looks. Your outfits will be easy to assemble and will consistently support your personal brand.

What we offer

Visual Assessment


Get the answers to what is holding you back. We assess your shape, colouring, and style preference, and take into consideration your lifestyle needs. Together we will define your signature style. 

Wardrobe Assessment


Remove the clutter. Discard or put away what no longer fits with your new signature style. The edit identifies what needs to be purchased to assemble your signature style.   

Personal Shopping


Enjoy a personalized shopping session where we assemble your signature style, then purchase the right items in the right quantities at the right price.  

The results

Signature Style

The confidence that your look is well researched, authentic and unique.

Consistent Look

A visual look that is maintainable and consistently achievable.

Managed Wardrobe

A curated wardrobe with the best shapes and colours for your frame and for every occasion.

Your new Image



Have confidence that you are always prepared for whatever life demands and expects of you. This is you letting go of the dread that your wardrobe lacks what you need to present yourself at your best.   



Love your shape and the body you have now. You don't have to wait for a significant change in your appearance or life before you have the wardrobe to present yourself authentically. 



Maintain your signature style regardless of where you are or what you are doing. It's your personal theme that travels with you and earns you credibility and respect wherever you go.  

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Esteem Services

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Esteem Image Coaching

Liz Felgueiras, Certified Image Consultant

Liz is passionate about helping clients develop a healthy and confident self-image. She transforms their daily lives by curating wardrobes that reflect their personal brand consistently and effortlessly. She's devoted the last ten years of her professional life to helping people achieve their potential. Her goal is to ensure that you become more confident and self-assured in your daily life and exude a sense of personal style that leads to improved well-being. 

Liz coaches clients on personal image development and offers wardrobe management services and personal shopping. 

Liz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Ottawa and is a Certified Image Consultant.

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Heather Wolfe, Senior Managing Director, Head of Business Development & Client Relationships

"I have been working with Liz since 2010,  

and the benefits are much more significant than I expected. There are the obvious benefits of an efficient process with an expert doing all the leg work and making the experience fun and easy for me. However, this is really a process of self-discovery, and it helped me feel more confident. During the process, Liz plays many roles, as a stylist, a coach, a challenger, a guide, a therapist and a relentless advocate. 

The end result is that I have broadened my wardrobe options, I feel amazing, and I’ve been able to “lean in” in the workplace and show up at my best (not just in appearance). "

Scot Steele, Executive Vice President

"Liz educated me on a dozen plus fashion rules that I use continually. 

Fewer clothes with higher quality are the recipe! And the importance of tailoring and taking care of your investments.

My business appearance is consistent.  

Clients like that." 

Marissa Stapley, Journalist and Internationally Best Selling Author

"Liz helped me define my personal brand —  now I can quickly determine my goal for each of the events I attend and decide how my clothing and accessories can help reflect that goal. I never imagined I would enjoy letting someone into my closet, but Liz made it so easy, and she helped me realize that revamping my wardrobe was not an impossible task after all! 


Shopping with Liz is a dream. Gone are the days of standing in a change room, wondering if I’ve made the wrong choice and ending up going home with clothes that aren’t right for me, or nothing at all. Investing in myself, my wardrobe and my image is one of the wisest things I’ve ever done, and means I’m comfortable everywhere I go—whether it's a gala event or a reading at a library. Liz has also been instrumental in helping me find clothes that compute in all areas of my life. This past summer, a shopping trip with Liz at the beginning of the season meant that I had a capsule wardrobe that worked for all my needs, including family vacations, concerts, work events, meetings and evenings in or out with friends. It was life-changing: no matter where I went or what I did, I knew exactly what to wear, and this made it one of the best summers I've ever had! Truly, wearing the right clothing can make that big a difference, in terms of time management, enjoyment of activities and self-concept. Thank you, Liz!"

Natia Georgia, Operations Specialist

"I was changing jobs from a position where casual wear was acceptable to a position in financial services and needed a new wardrobe quickly. I dislike shopping, it's challenging and it's stressful to find what I like or what I am comfortable wearing. Then I met Liz! She listened, took notes, asked questions, took measurements, went over my best colours and then listened again.... three days later I was ready for my new job! Thank you, Liz, for the confidence you have given me, for the patience and lovely attitude you have. You have helped me so much!"

Alexandra Greene, Financial Planner

"I first met Liz when I needed someone to help me shop for my wedding dress.  She made the whole process completely painless, and I felt like the perfect bride on my wedding day! Since that day Liz has been there for the major transitions in my life, among them becoming a mom, going back to work after having my children and now as I go and redefine my career and go back to school. She is always prepared and professional so the shop is very efficient and you go home with exactly what you wanted, and everything fits perfectly. I will continue to use Liz to update my wardrobe; it's priceless having everything I need to get ready for my day quickly and knowing I look great every day." 

Betty Roberts, Manager, Federal Government

In 2008, my daughter recommended Esteem Image as I was struggling with my wardrobe. Pre-Liz my closet was disorganized and a significant source of stress. Every morning I could spend half an hour or more trying to put a look together and then find myself rushing out the door. I now commence my day in a positive and calm manner. My closet is simplified/organized/functional, and I can get dressed for any occasion quickly. Finding an outfit for the day is an easy process of picking from my favourite colours and shapes. Liz helped me define my “look” and identified my complimentary colours. This was very liberating as shopping for clothes was always stressful. I was short on time and couldn't quickly assess what was right for me. Shopping for clothes has become a pleasure because I now understand what works for me. A shocking by product of going through the image development exercise was losing weight.

Working with Liz is delightful, as she brings her unique skill set to transform your life.  I feel more confident and comfortable with the new me. Liz is professional, a supportive coach,  and an excellent source of knowledge and information.  I am so grateful that I took my daughter’s advise to contact Liz at Esteem Image.

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